MSC Malaysia Status may be given to Applicants that offer an internationally recognised standard of higher education, information technology, engineering, the sciences and other related fields that will contribute to the development of human resources for the MSC Malaysia. Suitable applicants who locate their business or activities in the MSC Malaysia or one of the designated Cybercities, will also reap the full benefits of the incentives that are offered under the Bill of Guarantees.

    All Applicants must have all of the following activities in order to qualify for the MSC Malaysia incentives, depending on whether they are companies, institutions of higher education or faculties and depending on the location of their business or activities, namely:

    • Applicable courses must only be related to multimediainformation technology and communication fields
    • Grant either Diploma or Degree courses in multimedia, information technology and related fields for a training period covering a minimum period of 2 years and above
    • Establish a multimedia faculty or a qualified faculty conducting multimedia courses, programmes and related activities
    • Comply with Lembaga Akreditasi Negara guidelines

  • MSC Status Institutes Of Higher Learning Company List