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    Chan Sow Lin interchange is located on the southern edge of the incorporated town of Pudu, serving the locality alongside Pudu station and Hang Tuah station. The station was thus intended to serve patrons from the southern end of Pudu, the western end of Taman Maluri and the northwestern tip of Taman Miharja. The latter two localities also have their own namesake stations towards the south and east: Miharja station and Maluri station. The interchange itself is named after an extended portion of Jalan Chan Sow Lin, a roadway that adjoins the main entrance of the station. The road was named after Chan Sow Lin (陳秀連), 1845–1927, a wealthy businessman in the iron works industry. This man was also known then as The father of Chinese iron works in Malaya.


    The interchange reuses the now defunct Federated Malay States Railway and Malayan Railway (KTM) route between Kuala Lumpur, Ampang and Salak South. Because of this, the station is located close to several former government compounds (Public Works and Engineering Works branches) that had once connect to the KTM line, up until the line was closed during the 1990s to make way for the STAR line.


    The principal styling of the interchange is similar to most other stations along the Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line, featuring multi-tiered roofs supported by latticed frames, and white plastered walls and pillars. The platforms and tracks are at-grade, while the single ticket area is elevated at the same level as the footbridges crossing the tracks.

    THE name Chan Sow Lin is likely to ring a bell among Kuala Lumpur folk, thanks to the LRT interchange station named after the icon. Chan Sow Lin was regarded as one of modern Kuala Lumpur’s founding fathers. He was a successful entrepreneur and a respected philanthropist. Apart from his large-scale mining business, he was known as the Father of Iron Works as he was the first Chinese to establish a foundry in Selangor. Born to a poor family in the Panyu district, Guangdong province, China in 1845, Chan migrated to Malaya when he was only 16.


    Jalan Chan Sow Lin and its side lanes is an industrial zone in Kuala Lumpur, built opposite the old airport in Sungai Besi. It is named after the tin tycoon to commemorate his contributions to the iron works industry.

    He came at a time when Kuala Lumpur was recovering from fights between dialect groups and mining activities were getting back on track. He worked as a tin miner and it did not take him too long to accumulate sufficient capital to open his own tin mine in Taiping. During that period, Chan was also known for his efforts in restoring peace after the Larut War that broke out between the Si Yap and Chung Loong groups. He was willing to be held captive to prove his sincerity in being a mediator between the two groups and his intervention led to the parties putting aside their differences in order to encourage economic growth in the area. In Taiping, he came to know another famous businessman, Loke Yew.



    In 1883, the two moved to Selangor, where the economy was also affected by the war. Southgate Plaza is a new attraction in Jalan Chan Sow Lin. The Selangor government thus leased tin mines at low remunerations to promote economic development. The two individuals became pioneers in the Selangor General Farm and were known as the largest tin mine owners then. By 1893, Chan had rented two huge mines in Serdang and Sungai Besi from Loke Yew as well as several mines in Simpah, Sungai Puteh, Kuala Kubu, Setapak, Kepong and Petaling from the government. According to records at the Chan Clan Association, Chan was the first Chinese to establish an iron foundry in Selangor, which was located in Jalan Ampang. His company, Chop Mee Lee, gained a good reputation for the high quality tools and machinery they produced mainly for tin mining. He also brought in technicians from Guangzhou to do the job. The success of Chop Mee Lee also spawned the establishment of other foundries.



    Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad’s (National Printer) premises has been here for decades, making it a landmark in Jalan Chan Sow Lin industrial area. When the local government made the land next to the old airport an industrial zone, they named it after him to commemorate his contribution in opening up the new industry. In 1902, the British government appointed him as the first Chinese member of the Selangor state council, filling the place vacated by Kapitan Yap Kwan Seng who passed away. The British had abolished the Kapitan system and adopted the state council system at the time. Chan being appointed for the role also made him equivalent to the sixth Kapitan. He co-founded Tong Shin Hospital, Confucius High School, Chan Clan Temple, Jishangtang Charity Hall and Victoria Institution. He was also the president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and trustee of Sin Sze Si Ya Temple’s assets. In 1906, the Viceroy of Guangdong awarded him a medal for his efforts in promoting the Chinese culture, knowledge and technology. Chan, who had four sons, died in 1927. The road named after the man, Jalan Chan Sow Lin, which is nestled between the Sungai Besi airport and Pudu, still has its charm, especially among foodies, although it is located in an industrial zone. The Chan Sow Lin steamed fish head restaurant is so famous that its imitations have sprouted in various places around the city.


    Another main draw is the Indian mixed-rice stalls near Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad’s (National Printer) premises. The other stalls and restaurants, in spite of their simple set-ups, attract discerning diners from near and far as the old-timers cook up good food reminiscent of times past. One of the stall owners said the area was so notorious for triad activities before the 1970s that even taxi drivers shied away from it. “However, the gangsters did not really disturb us men on the street and their activities sort of fizzled out after that,” he said. Another old-timer, who also declined being named, lamented that cement factories that moved into the area in recent years had drastically worsened the air and road quality there. “It seems no one remembers that this area was actually meant for automobile factories.

    “Cement trucks use this road at least 200 times every day! I have to pour water onto the road every few hours or else the place will be filled with dust. I am running a food business here, so this is really a headache,” he said. Nevertheless, these old-timers still remain on Jalan Chan Sow Lin even though many others have moved elsewhere when the local council wiped out the squatter zone over the past 10 years.

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    Chan Sow Lin Industrial Master Plan

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  • Chan Sow Lin Tenant Directory

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    Sungai Besi, JLN Loke Yew, The Trax, Southgate, Viva Home, Chan Sow Lin
    Very Prime Location

    Just next to Sungai Besi Highway.
    3 minute to KL town. 5 minutes to KLCC. 10 minutes to PJ.

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    Chan Sow Lin , Kuala Lumpur, Chan Sow Lin
    Chan Sow Lin detached factory cum warehouse

    -Land area 43,000sf.
    -Built up area 25,000sf.
    -Rm 18 Mil

    -Good access.
    -Suitable for manufacturing, car 4S showroom, distribution hub and warehousing etc.

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    Chan Sow Lin , Kuala Lumpur, Chan Sow Lin
    Chan Sow Lin detached factory cum warehouse

    -Land area 43,000sf.
    -Built up area 25,000sf.
    -Rm 18 Mil

    -Good access.
    -Suitable for manufacturing, car 4S showroom, distribution hub and warehousing etc.

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    Chan Sow Lin , Kuala Lumpur, Chan Sow Lin
    Chan Sow Lin detached factory cum warehouse

    -Land area 82,861sf.
    -Built up area 46,328sf.
    -For Sale RM 55 Mil

    -For Rent RM130,000/month

    -Good access.
    -Suitable for manufacturing, car 4S showroom, distribution hub and warehousing etc.

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    Jalan Chan Sow Lin

    Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad

    Makmur Malaya Sdn Bhd

    Honda Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd., Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur (3S Centre)


    Seng Fatt Engineering Works (1947) Bhd

    Aman Razak Auto Sdn Bhd

    Seven S Mega Auto

    Maju Muhibbah Sdn Bhd

    CL Hardware Sdn BhdThanam Industry Sdn BhdThanam Metals Trading


    Jalan Satu

    Peugeot Service Centre

    Sing Huat Premium Sdn Bhd (Peugeot)


    Jalan Dua

    ZALORA Malaysia

    Hyundai Chan Sow Lin Sales & Service (One Auto Marketing)

    Unifrozen / Wmart

    Perodua DMM Service Center (Chan Sow Lin)

    NISSAN & RENAULT Service Centre Chan Sow Lin (Cheras)

    Machinery & Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd


    Sum Hing Engineering Works Sdn Bhd

    Extra Space Chan Sow Lin (Self-Storage)


    Jalan Sungai Besi

    PROTON Edar 4S Chan Sow Lin

    Wan Sing Sportrims Services

    Mazda 3S

    Porsche Centre Sungai Besi

    Melinau Machinery Sdn Bhd (KL)


    BMW Dealership Malaysia Auto Bavaria, Sungai Besi

    Muhibbah Dua (M) Sdn Bhd


    Jalan Tiga

    Lee Bing Hon Engineering Sdn Bhd

    Kum Wah Sdn. Bhd.

    Kwong Chuan Hardware Trading

    GAB central office

    Carrie's Recon Aman Razak

    Malaya Engineering Track Press Works

    Invescast Sdn Bhd


    Jalan Empat

    Prestige Carcare Sdn Bhd

    Akisama Group Of Companies

    Lian Hup Spring Industries

    Lum Choon & Co. Sdn. Bhd.

    Sin Lian Tat Hardware Sdn Bhd

    Millennium Battery Sdn Bhd

    Sun Heap Seng


    Docu Solution Sdn Bhd

    Pudu Ria Florists (M) Sdn Bhd

    WTF Auto Services Sdn. Bhd.


    Jalan 3 & 4 /89c

    Skynet Chan Sow Lin

    Leon Fuat Hardware Sdn Bhd


    Chan Sow Lin

    Toyota Sungai Besi


    Sing Kwung Jidosha Sdn Bhd (Mitsubishi-CSL)

    San Hin Auto Parts Trading

    Audi Kuala Lumpur Service Centre

    Bamboo Inn Steam Fish Head


    Jalan Lima

    Durafloor (M) Sdn Bhd

    Utusan Media Sales Sdn. Bhd.

    AsianMac (M) Sdn Bhd

    Gift World Souvenirs Sdn Bhd

    One Ten Souvenirs Sdn. Bhd.

    Magicboo Chan Sow Lin (HQ)

    Bank Islam

    Tropical Baggage

    The China Press Bhd

    Utusan Online

    Bizz Mart & Cafe


    Jalan Enam

    Raub Sawmill Sdn Bhd


    Emasling Sdn Bhd

    Kentzu Steel Sdn. Bhd.


    Seksyen 92A, Jalan 2. No.89B

    Chop Kong Hak Trading Sdn Bhd

    Nam Yong electrical & Contractor


    Jalan Utusan

    Bumivin Holding (M) Sdn Bhd